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Wall of Giving 

Although we have helped more organizations than those listed below, we have focused on some of the most impactful. We are honored to fund many unique evidence-based programs that would otherwise not be in existence. We are also honored to join our counterparts of Private Foundations that were major sustainers throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic!

Our Philanthropic Partners

The Towers Foundation

Meal Sustainability Project
Purchase of a co-generator which saved enough electricity to divert those funds to feeding two meals a day to 200 seniors, while improving the carbon footprint, providing Increased nutritio
n and socialization, and deepened connections.

The Catherine Weiss Poetry Garden

The Towers Foundation bought a 13,300-square-foot area of blight adjacent to their facility in New Haven. It will be transformed into a CT destination garden. The Catherine Weiss Poetry Garden will be the largest and central component where art, poetry, ceremonies, and community events will be held.


There will be a special honor to Samuel Weiss present in the garden to honor the Foundation's support over the last 20 years!

The Catherine Weiss Gallery
The “Opening Minds through Art Program” is a Volunteer Program where after qualifying training volunteers work with early-onset Alzheimer clients and make evidence-based art designed to stimulate, provide validation, and foster human connection. The art is sold in the gallery, and proceeds go towards the supplies for the next class. The program doubles in size each year. The gallery also allows residents to showcase their art.

The Arthritis Program, Klatch, The Towers Arts Programs, and much more!


Community Foundation of Middlesex County

Cathy and Seth Weiss have been elected to The Leadership Circle for their unrestricted Operating Grants

Cathy Weiss Sunrise Fund for Clinton developed as a COVID-19 response,    20 Grants were given:

Estuary Council of Seniors  x2
Food for all Garden

Arbor Garden Club x2
Adam Stanton House x2
Clinton Human Services x2
Bare Necessities
Clinton Tree Committee
Clinton Arts Council from the sale of books
Rotary Club
Shoreline Arts Council
P.S. IT Hurts Benefit concert for bereaved parents and depression
Clinton Sailing School


Other Major Impactful Donations 


Hadassah Hospital , has honored us with a
plaque on the wall of Hadassah Hospital in Israel 

Nelson Hall, Cheshire CT, The only state-of-the-art all-ability access
performance venue in CT

CT Department of Transportation Foundation Founding Board Member and provided 10,000 free “My Rides” through the ART IN Motion Project


SWF Foundation Major Grant Highlights in the Tri-state

  • Towers Foundation

  • Families Helping Families

  • Community Foundation Middlesex County

  • Mystic Museum of Art

  • CT Dance Alliance

  • Starship Dance

  • George Flynn Concert Series

  • Opera Theater of CT

  • Nelson Hall

  • Elim Park Matching Grant for bus

  • Bethany Library building fund

  • Cazenovia Library

  • Syracuse University yearly Arts Scholarship

  • Planned Parenthood of Central New York 

  • Anti-Defamation League

  • CAJE Coalition for the advancement of Jewish education

  • Adaptive Sports providing sports education for disabled

  • Art in Motion Project

  • Valley Shore YMCA for Community Programming

  • Symphoria

  • Legacy Arts Theater for performances in Nursing Homes

  • Milan’s Music School, Havana Cuba

  • Everson Museum

  • Munson Williams Proctor Museum

  • Syracuse Stage

  • CAZ Care

"Our Donations Are Not Just Financial. We Give of Ourselves"


Volunteerism Highlights

Cathy has been volunteering since she was eighteen years old! She has successfully built and led many volunteer teams! She has served on at least 10 boards of directors! Volunteered to steer the Nelson Hall Committee at Elim Park 32 hours a week for months until the grand opening of the performance venue. Cathy also volunteered for 14 years at The Towers in New Haven teaching Art, Dance, and Poetry, and serving on the Tower's “Great Give Team. She is currently in her third year of serving as Poet Laureate for the Town of Clinton where she teaches workshops, and reads on momentous occasions such as Memorial Day. Through Cathy's Volunteerism, She has helped both seniors and high school students get published, develop an Internship Program, and Publish an Anthology whose sales resulted in the planting of “The Poet Tree” in Downtown Clinton.

If you would like a rewarding experience working with us, please see our
Volunteer Page!

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